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Farm Store

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About Us

Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store opened in July 2019 in downtown Port Henry, following the closing

of the town’s only grocery store. Our store was founded as part of our commitment to supporting the

communities in which we serve.  Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store supports area farmers throughout

Essex County and provides fresh local food to our community.  Your purchase of locally grown food

supports the growth of our local economy. 


We partner with many local producers including the following:

Bechard's Sugar House          Red Oak Food Company          

Boquet Valley Farm                 Saranac Mountain Hearth               

Circle C Farm                          Sugarloaf Farm

Hub on the Hill                         Tangleroot Farm

Juniper Hill Farm                     The Peanut Principle

Lillie Valley Farm                      Triple Green Jade Farm

Upper Hudson Coffee             North Country Creamery

Dak Bar                                   Lake Champlain Chocolates

Halladay's Harvest Barn

The farm store was made possible through funding from ADK Action, The Adirondack Foundation,

and The Cloudsplitter Foundation. 

30% Need-based Discount Available

ALICE:  Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed


ALICE households earn above the federal poverty level, but often not enough to afford basic household necessities.  Following the United Way ALICE guidelines, we are offering a 30% discount to Essex County residents who qualify.   This discount is made possible by the Adirondack foundation - Special and Urgent Needs Fund.

Eligibility thresholds based on the United Way's ALICE Project are as follows:

Single Adult - $22,944
Two Adults - $35,676
Single Adult, One or more children in care - $50,340
Single Adult, One or more school-aged children - $44,064
Two Adults, Two or more School-aged Children - $56,796
Two Adults, One or more in child care and one or more school-aged children - $63,072
Two Adults, Two or more in Child Care - $69,348
Single Senior - $26,076
Two Seniors - $41,088

Additional adult in the household - add $12,732


If you meet the ALICE guidelines, please email mwfs@mountainlakeservices.org to register for our 30% need-based discount.

Basket Classes

We offer several baskets classes in our weavers' studio, located at 4322 Main Street in Port Henry.  They are posted on our Facebook site and registration can be completed either in person or on our website.  Please refer to the Order Online page.