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SUN Fund

We are excited to announce that the Mountain Weavers Farm Store has been awarded a Special and Urgent Needs (SUN) grant from The Adirondack Foundation.  This funding will be used to help finance our food delivery service and provide a need-based discount, making local food more accessible to the communities in which we serve.  Please see the next section below for eligibility requirements.


The Adirondack Foundation is a community Foundation serving the Adirondack Region, working to enhance the lives of the people in the Adirondacks through philanthropy.  To learn more, visit www.adirondackfoundation.org



Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed

ALICE households earn above the federal poverty level, but often not enough to afford basic household necessities.  Following the United Way ALICE guidelines, we are offering a 30% discount to Essex County residents who qualify.   This discount is made possible by the Adirondack foundation - Special and Urgent Needs Fund.

Eligibility thresholds based on the United Way's ALICE Project are as follows:

Single Adult - $22,944
Two Adults - $35,676
Single Adult, One or more children in care - $50,340
Single Adult, One or more school-aged children - $44,064
Two Adults, Two or more School-aged Children - $56,796
Two Adults, One or more in child care and one or more school-aged children - $63,072
Two Adults, Two or more in Child Care - $69,348
Single Senior - $26,076
Two Seniors - $41,088

Additional adult in the household - add $12,732


If you meet the ALICE guidelines, please email mwfs@mountainlakeservices.org to register for our 30% need-based discount.

Online Ordering

We are now open for online orders.  Weekly orders received by 12:00pm Monday will be delivered every Thursday. Delivery is available to the following towns: Westport, Port Henry, Moriah, Mineville, Witherbee, Crown Point, North Hudson, Paradox, and Ticonderoga. 


You must live within 3 miles of the delivery route shown in purple.  If you live outside of our delivery area, we offer curbside pick up every Friday.  Please call us if you have questions, or need assistance placing an online order.